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DRS 2019 Annual Meeting
March 7-9
Pre-Conference ~ March 6
Wyndham San Diego
San Diego, CA

Please note our new address!
DRS - C/O Badger Bay Management Company
563 Carter Court, Suite B, Kimberly, WI 54136
Phone:  920-560-5624 | Email:

Message from the President

Dear Dysphagia Research Society Colleagues,

Dysphagia is the worst symptom anyone could have, regardless of the age spectrum. It is not only a worldwide concern, but also a global problem within the patient that needs a holistic collaborative approach. It is hard to swallow when someone you care has dysphagia as the presenting symptom; our mind spins to assure that it is reversible. Origins and causes can be many; sometimes starting even before being born, and changing the trajectories of suffering and morbidities across their lifetime. Dysphagia in infants and children has terrible aerodigestive consequences that change the family dynamics. In the circle of life, this malady can attack again at later ages with an added burden and draining life’s earnings. No wonder, the founders of the DRS had a grand vision not only to develop the art and science of swallowing-related research, but also extend the benefits of the innovations across the age spectrum. This is evident from the increased representation by multidisciplinary researchers within the DRS. As this scientific society turns into its 27th year; it is certainly a great privilege and honor for me to serve as your DRS President for 2018-2019. This is indeed a historic moment for me to serve as the first pediatrician to be chosen to lead the society.

Through several of your efforts and passion, we have seen innovations and discoveries impacting significant translations to the dysphagic patient, and this has been evident with both, diagnostics and therapeutics. Yet the transformation from bench to bedside and beyond has been slower. This is known by the rising prevalence of the dysphagic patient population. These numbers are likely to increase owing to increase in life-expectancy, access to intensive care services, and survival of those patients with neurological and aerodigestive morbidities. It takes about 17 years to translate the scientific evidence into practice for pharmaceutical discoveries. It is anyone’s guess to estimate how long it might take to translate the ‘bundle of discoveries in dysphagia research’ using interdisciplinary practice with diverse education and training into clinically meaningful outcomes among our complex patients. There is clearly a mismatch between what science reveals and what the interdisciplinary group does as known from the rising rates of dysphagia and aerodigestive problems. Either we heal and succeed as a team, or we fail the patient day and night with each feeding session. Together, we will and must take these challenges to have a win-win situation for all.

The 27th annual DRS meeting sessions are envisioned to address these gaps so that we succeed as a group by:

  1. Disseminating new knowledge in dysphagia and aerodigestive research across the age spectrum with themed state-of-the art sessions

  2. Demonstrating how to translate the innovations into interdisciplinary practices with focused workshops

  3. Laying foundations for long lasting best-evidence based practices that could turn into guidelines, position statements and protocols

  4. Building viable and successful research- and business- practice models      

I welcome you to prepare and join me at the 27th annual DRS meeting in San Diego, California from Thursday, March 7th 2019 to Saturday, March 9th 2019. The post-graduate session is on Wednesday, March 6th 2019. You can expect more educational prospects, international expertise, and networking opportunities. We request that our members help us recruit new talent into membership from all disciplines as we build interdisciplinary teams to advance the science and translate the knowledge to bedside and beyond. Given this beautiful location at Wyndham San Diego Bayfront, we plan to combine both, learning and fun during this meeting. Stay tuned!

Finally, it has been a great privilege to serve under Dr. Stephanie Daniels (DRS President 2016-17) and Dr. Gary McCullough (DRS President 2017-18) who have led the DRS successfully through these years of extended transition. I also want to recognize both, Dr. Susan Langmore (President-Elect) and Dr. Nadine Connor (Secretary-Treasurer) who will be working along with me towards a successful DRS-2019 meeting. I take this opportunity to thank our new enthusiastic management company, Badger Bay Management Company (BBMC), for their expertise in managing our society’s functions. They have been outstanding with their planning and execution of ideas. We are finalizing the memberships on the committees and council. Stay tuned for more communications! 

Best wishes for a highly productive year!


Sudarshan R. Jadcherla, MD, DCH, FRCP(Ireland), AGAF
DRS President, 2018-2019

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