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2019 Conference Schedule

Please be aware that the meeting schedule is subject to change.


 Wednesday, March 6: Pre Conference

Conference Registration Open

7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.


7:00-9:00 a.m.


7:45-8:15 a.m.

Session I

Back to Basics: Swallowing and Aerodigestive Co-Dependence

8:15-9:45 a.m.

9:45-10:00 a.m.

Session II

Understanding the Chaos of Dysphagia and Aspiration

10:00-11:30 a.m.

Lunch Break

  • Lunch & Learn I: Achieving Swallowing Safety in Adult
    Head & Neck Cancer Patients: Evidence-Based Learning
    From Successful Case Studies
  • Lunch & Learn II: Evaluation and Management of
    Pediatric Dysphagia in the Midst of Chronic Lung Disease:
    Aerodigestive Team Approach
  • Editorial Board Meeting

11:30-1:00 p.m.

Session III

Dysphagia, Nagging Cough & Aging: What Are The Links?

1:00-2:30 p.m.


2:30-2:45 p.m.

Session IV

  • Concurrent Session IV-A: Bringing Quality Evidence
    Into The Pediatric Dysphagia Practice
  • Concurrent Session IV-B: Bringing Quality Evidence
    Into The Geriatric Dysphagia Practice
  • Concurrent Session IV-C: Balancing Career And Life In
    Dysphagia Research

2:45-4:15 p.m.

Harbor Walk & Social 4:15-6:30 p.m.
President's Dinner 7:00-9:00 p.m.



 Thursday, March 7: Conference Day One
Conference Registration Open  7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.
Exhibit and Poster Halls Open 7:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Breakfast 7:00-9:00 a.m.
Welcome 7:45-8:00 a.m.
Scientific Papers Session I 8:00-9:30 a.m.
New Investigator Forum 9:30-10:00 a.m.
Break 10:00-10:15 a.m.
Scientific Papers Session II 10:15-11:45 a.m.

Lunch Break

  • Lunch & Learn III: Something to Chew On: Mastication and
    Food Development for People with Dysphagia
  • Lunch & Learn IV: Concurrent and Sequential Testing Methods
    for Dysphagia Diagnosis: Downstream Motility Mechanisms in
    Pharyngo-Esophageal Dysphagia
  • Business Meeting
  • View Exhibit Hall
11:45-12:45 p.m.
View Posters 12:45-1:45 p.m.
Scientific Papers Session III 1:45-3:15 p.m.
Break 3:15-3:30 p.m.
Scientific Papers Session IV 3:30-5:00 p.m.
Reception 5:00-7:00 p.m.



 Friday, March 8: Conference Day Two
Conference Registration Open 7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.
Exhibit and Poster Halls Open 7:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Breakfast 7:00-9:00 a.m.
Welcome 7:45-8:00 a.m.
Grand Rounds I 8:00-8:45 a.m.
Scientific Papers V 8:45-10:15 a.m.
Break 10:15-10:30 a.m.
Scientific Papers VI 10:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Lunch Break

  • Lunch & Learn V: Implementation of FEES Protocols in
    Dysphagic Patients From Pediatrics to Geriatrics
  • Lunch & Learn VI: Communications from Clinic to 
    Community Using Technology & Tele-Health: Implications for
    Dysphagia Practice
  • Business Meeting
  • View Exhibits
12:00-1:00 p.m.
View Posters 1:00-2:00 p.m.
Scientific Papers VII 2:00-3:30 p.m.
Break 3:30-3:45 p.m.
Scientific Papers VIII 3:45-5:15 p.m.
Awards Reception 5:30-7:00 p.m.



 Saturday, March 9: Conference Day Three
Conference Registration Open 7:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
Breakfast 7:00-10:00 a.m.
Annual Meeting 7:30-8:00 a.m.

Dodds Donner Lecture

The Patient With Dysphagia: In The Future, Who Will Take Ownership?

8:00-8:45 a.m.

Grand Rounds II

Evaluation of Dysphagia at the Bed-Side: An In-Depth Review of Clinico-
Pathological Correlations and Next Steps

8:45-9:30 a.m.

Session V

Videofluroscopy Swallow Studies: Better Use And Not Abuse

9:30-11:00 a.m.

Session VI

Testing the Aerodigestive Patient in the ICU: What, When, Why, How?

11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Closing Ceremony 12:30-1:00 p.m.







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